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Machine Learning

Grâce au Machine Learning, notre logiciel sait précisément comment votre client préférera que l’on s’adresse à lui. Le canal approprié au bon moment avec le ton qui convient. Cela vous permettra d’améliorer le comportement de paiement du client, mais aussi l’expérience client !

Optimise your customer's payment experience.

With Machine Learning from Mail to Pay you always approach your customers in the most effective way. way. Customers will pay faster, without you having to do anything about it yourself.

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Reduce the outstanding balance and improve your cashflow.

Lower DSO

The optimal delivery of messages ensures that customers pay the bill faster and reduces the number of Days Sales Outstanding.

Payment journey

Offer the optimal payment journey by delivering the payment request at the right time, via the right channel and in the right tone-of-voice.

The most progressive organisations in the Netherlands apply Mail to Pay Machine Learning on a daily basis.

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